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How to draw Nephron

Each kidney is made of about one million single units called nephrons. These are the structural functional units of the kidney and concerned with separating urine from the blood. Each nephron is made of two main parts called malpighian body and covoluted tubule.Malphigian body is double layered cup also called bowman`s capsule. The inner cup consists network of capillaries called Glomerulus.

                                   Now let`s start the diagram.

1.Draw a egg shape and  make a folded curve as shown in the figure and 
   attach it to a vertical line.

2. Draw double line along the curve and draw Glomerulus as shown in the 
    bowman`s capsule.

3. Draw the capillary network as shown in the figure. You may need some patience to represent the intricate network. You can make it simple by drawing the whole capillaries with single thick line, using blunt pencil tip.

4. Label the parts as shown.Read more about nephron Click here.




  1. The best ever style and the most easiest

  2. Draw it neat made it a piece of cake

  3. but you did not spread peritubular network of capillaries through distal convoluted tubule.. if mine dont need correction


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