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How to draw human heart labeled

External structure of human heart shows its conical shape with apex facing downwards and the broad base directed upwards. It is enclosed in double layered, transparent, thin sac called "Pericardium" .
The space between the inner and outer layers is called Pericardial space, it is filled with pericardial fluid. Pericardium and pericardial fluid protect the heart from physical shocks. Now lets start drawing the diagram.

1.Draw a oblique line from Right to Left

2.Draw a cone shape as shown in the figure.

3. Draw Pulmonary aorta from center branching out.

4. Draw a imaginary Aorta arching around as shown.

5.Erase Pulmonary aorta and Aorta at necessary points to give overlapping effect.

6.Draw Superior venacava and Inferior venacava as shown emerging from Right auricle.

7. Draw Coronary arteries on the heart as shown.

8. Complete the coronary arteries with fine capillaries.
9. Label the parts neatly as shown.

Cont:-Two deep grooves ,one vertical and one horizontal are visible on the heart from out side. These grooves indicate the heart with internally divided four chambers. Very large veins that bring impure blood to heart called Caval veins open into Right auricle. Large artery that carry pure blood away from the heart called Aorta emerge from Left ventricle within.Read more about heart click here.

How to draw internal structure of heart




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