Fathers of different biological sciences

Alec Jeffery-Father of DNA fingerprinting technique.
Pasteur is given as father of Microbiology which is wrong. (See Salle's Fundame
of teeth. He invented simple microscope. He was first to draw
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek- Father of microscopy
Alexander Fleming-Father of antibiotics
Alexis Carrel- Father of organ transplantation
Andreas Vesalius Father of modern anatomy
on -Father of Modern Genetics and Animal genetics
Bichat- Father of animal histology (microscopic anatomy)
Birbal Sahni-Father of Indian Palaeobotany
Carolus Linnaeus- Father of Taxonomy, Modem Biology and Morphology and Modern Botany. His
name was Karl von Linnae. He changed his name as Carolus Linnaeus on binomial pattern. He gave
binomial nomenclature, hierarchial system and artificial system of classification.
Caraka (Charak)-Father of Ayurveda
Claude Bernard -Father of modern experimental physiology.
Carl Djerassi- Father of the birth control pil
Dodge-Father of Haploid Genetics (Neurospora genetics)
de Bary-Father of plant pathology
Edward Jenner Father of Immunology and developed vaccine for small pox.
Empedocles-Father of concept of evolution
Einthoven-Father of Electrocardiography (ECG).
Ernst von Baer-Father of Modern Embryology
Francis Galton- Father of Eugenics (science of being well born).
Galen- Father of experimental physiology
Georges Cuvier- Father of comparative anatomy and modern palaeontology
Grew- Father of Plant Anatomy
Gregor Johann Mendel-Father of genetics
Haberlandt-Father of plant tissue culture
Hahnemann -Father of homoeopathy
Harrison Father of animal tissue culture
Hedwig-Father of Bryology. He used the term cytology
Hippocrates- Father of medicine
HJVS Muller Father of actinobiology (radiation biology) and cytogenetics.
Hugo de Vries- Father of Mutation Theory of Evolution
Joseph Lister-Father of Antiseptic surgery, carbolic acid was first antiseptic.
John Snow - Father of epidemiology
Jonas Salk- Father of polio vaccine
Kolreuter-Father of Quantitative/Polygenic Inheritance.
Konrad Lorentz- Father of ethology
Korenchevsk- Father of gerontology (ageing).
Landsteiner--Father of Blood groups, reported ABO blood groups in human beings.
Lalji SinghFather of Indian DNA Fingerprinting
Leonard da Vinci- Father of palaeontology. He gave the idea of fossil

Liebig -Father of biochemistry.
Lipmann-Father of ATP cycle.
Louis Pasteur- Father of fermentation, modern microbiology and industrial microbiology
Malpighi - Father of histology (microscopic anatomy)
Micheli- Father of Fungi (Mycology).
Norman Borlaugh - Father of green revolution, developed dwarf mexican varieties of wheat (like
sonora 64, Lerma Rojo), awarded Nobel Prize for peace. He was a plant breeder.
Panchanan Maheshwari- Father of Indian Plant Embryology
Pavloy- Father of conditioned reflexes
Paul Berg- Father of genetic engineering
Paul Ehrlich Father of chemotherapy
Patrick Russell- Father of Indian ophiology (study of snakes)
Robert Koch Father of bacteriology and bacteriological techniques, pure culture techniques and
(CBSE 1998)
medical microbiology discovered bacteria
got Nobel Prize in 1905
of TB, Cholera, Anthrax; famous as Hunter of microbesand
Robert Hooke Father of cytology
R. Mishra Father of Indian ecology
Robert Edwards Father of test tube babies
Stanley- Father of virology.
Stephan Hales-Father of Plant Physiology.
Swanson-Father of modern cytology/cell biology
Theophrastus- Father of botany and ecology. Wrote Historia plantarum. Enquiry into plants.
Thomas Addison- Father of endocrinology, discovered Addison's disease and
TH Morgan-Father of Experimental Genetics, used Drosophila as genetic material and published
gene therapy
a book entitled "Theory of Genes".
Verghese Kurien- Father of white Revolution.
William Harvey-Father of blood circulation
Famous Indian Biologists
PKK Nair- Father of Indian Palynology
Ram Deo Misra (R. Misra)-Father of Indian Ecology
Father H Santapau-Father of Indian Systematic Botany (Taxonomy).
BP Pal-Great plant breeder and father of Indian Plant geneticist.
Shiv Ram Kashyap- Father of Indian Bryology (bryophytes)
KC Mehta-Famous for discovering annual recurrence of wheat rust in Indian plains.
Panchanan Maheshwari-- Father of Indian Plant Embryology
Birbal Sahni- Father of Indian Palaeobotany. He discovered fossils of Gymnosperms (Pentoxyłae
of Jurassicperiod from Raj Mahal Hills of Bihar
Jc Bose- He was a physicist. He was first to show life in plants and devised Crescograph.
measure growth and movements in plants at cellular level.
MOP lyenger- Father of Indian Phycology (Algae).
RN Dastur- Father of Indian Physiology
William Roxburgh-Father of Indian botany and Herbaria